Why 2017 is going to be my year

Last week I received some pretty shitty news in regards to a job I'd wanted ever since I can remember, probably from the age of three. What annoys me more, is that it isn't even a person who has told me I'm difficult at building relationships with others, therefore meaning I cannot pursue my dream career it is in fact a computer / robot; so because I don't fit the computers criteria that career path for now is well.. Over.

But, I am not a quitter. Having something taken away that I've dreamt of since I were three, is a big deal and not something I'm going to a) 'get over', b) forget about and c) quit chasing. It's something in fact I'm going to chase, maybe more so when the time is right and another opportunity comes round, but seriously quitting isn't an option.

So I've decided to set myself some goals to work towards throughout the year, not resolutions just plain and simple goals that I can and will achieve, hopefully along the way becoming a better person and one who is ready to take that next opportunity to pursue my goal career!

1. Become more positive
Not just as a person, but truly and deeply in my mind and heart. I'm wanting to try yoga and meditation so hopefully I'll find somewhere in Hull or surrounding areas that'll help me release negative energy and feel more positivity!

2. Stop being a 'yes girl' 
For so long I've always considered how other people would feel if I were to say no, so I've always said yes even if deep down it's not something I've felt comfortable with or simply don't want to do it. 2017 is going to be about picking up the courage to say no when it is absolutely necessary.

3. Make more time out for my Dad 
The past three years I've spent more and more time with my boyfriend and his family, forgetting to spend time with the one man who truly matters to me more than anyone and that's my Dad. Celebrating his 60th birthday two days ago by just simply spending the day together, popping to shop, cooking and watching TV made me realise how much I have missed having Dad and daughter times.

4. Take risks often 
So for my Dad's 60th I bought him a microlight experience where he can actually fly the microlight himself (with a pilot there too, I'm not that crazy) and it made me think, my Dad's piloted a helicopter, jumped out of several aircrafts, abseiled off many cliffs, had a sheet of glass almost slice his arm off, traveled the world pretty much plus much much more and here he is at the age of 60 telling me the one risk he took was leaving school at 16 to join the Royal Marines, and he's experienced so much. Now is my time to shine!

5. Never ever give up 
Like I said I was a quitter but not anymore. I'm aiming for a first classification in my degree and to study for my masters, my goal is to not give up and succeed. As long as I've tried my best that's all that matters.

Do you have any goals for this year? 


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