Monkey Park, Los Cristianos - Tenerife


It feels like forever ago since I headed off to Los Cristianos for a nice summer break, especially now with the freezing weather. It feels even longer since I was able to walk around the amazing Monkey Park, feeding the most adorable monkeys ever!

Okay so, let's get one thing straight. Monkey Park is a breeding centre, but it's for the endangered primates some may not agree with that but I for one found the monkeys to be extremely happy and not all of them were hiding behind cages like you often see in zoos.. Even if they were in cages, they would happily come up to people and take their food. With that being said, the baboon looked a little pissy especially after trying to attack me, my cue to run away.


But above all the monkeys are so playful and don't want you to leave their little enclosure, especially once they're sat on your shoulder and being fed. On top of that, you can stroke an iguana which was INSANE! I always thought they were spikey but hands down, it was so smooth and just chilled as long as the boyfriend fed it.. So as you can kinda guess there's not just monkeys, there's different species of birds, reptiles and guinea pigs, yes guinea pigs and I took the crown of the guinea pig whisperer!


I think for two of us and two boxes of food it was around €12 which isn't too bad, especially seeing as we spent a good hour there to kill some time plus the taxi I think was €2! Plus, one of the best parts was seeing my boyfriend smiling non-stop, I don't think he's ever fed a monkey before so it was dead dead cute to see.


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