Preparing for your first year of uni


It's that time of year where the majority are embarking on a new journey and heading off to study at university, whether that's in your hometown or somewhere new and totally strange there's nothing to be afraid of. If you think about it, a lot of people are in the same boat as you. You're all in this together (who sang that like high school musical??) and trust me, you're about to head off into the best few years of your life! 

New people 
Let's get things straight, your college friends probably aren't either going to be on the same course as you or even at the same university for that matter, so you have to get yourself some new friends. Talk to everyone and anyone, ask what they're studying, where they're from and the good old "is it a breadcake or bap?" argument always guarantees you a friend. (it's a breadcake Briar if you're reading this!!) Who know they'll probably become your BFFs, I know mine did! 

So.. Everyone will tell you to do every single night of freshers, every single year. You don't have to! Although again, it's an ace way to meet new people, the hangover afterwards isn't always the best, but I 100% recommend eating before you go out, as you really don't want to be puking down your fave outfit. I did one night of freshers during my first year because it was the only night that appealed to me, the rest of the time I went out with my hometown best friend to our local clubs. There's nothing wrong with not doing freshers, sometimes they can be a bit naff! (that being said I am actually planning on doing freshers this year..)

Sure we all see everyone's cute stationary on instagram ready for the first year of uni or whatever, it's not practical half the time. Trust me, it really ain't! Those light up pens with a fluffy top, are plain annoying when you're trying to focus in a lecture and all you can see is something fluffy in the corner of your eye. Pukka pads are cheap, pretty durable and are actually quite colourful now too! Plus they seem to last an absolute age! What I found is that sometimes having different note pads for each lecture works and stops the confusion, but above all if you have an iPad or MacBook/laptop take that in, it's so much easier! (check with your lecture first, some make you sit at the front, others don't like you bringing them in)

The 'school' bag 
That designer handbag of yours that is your dream bag and you take it everywhere with you, don't take it to uni. Please. I took my beloved Michael Kors bag that my boyfriend bought me for Christmas and ripped the inside due to the corners of my note books pulling on the edges. Backpacks are pretty cool now and are definitely in! They're a hell of a lot sturdier and plus you aren't ruining your beloved fave bag. That's not to say you can't be stylish, some of the highstreet bags are incredible for uni and will last an age! But if you're looking for a backpack, ASOS have the most incredible ones going, I love this Herschel Supply Co backpack and this one too, but if you're looking for something more budget friendly check out this beaut New Look one! 

Above all, don't worry! You'll look back in your third or fourth year and wonder what all the worry was about. If you ever feel stuck there's so many people at the uni who you can talk to, the best place to start is usually your student union. But remember, to have fun and work hard too. Uni is definitely the best few years of your life! 

If you've got any tips for first years leave them in the comments, I'd love to read them! 


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