Los Cristianos, Tenerife


Going somewhere new is always exciting right? So imagine only ever being on one holiday you can remember with your boyfriends family then finally having the chance to go somewhere just your boyfriend and you. Yup, we finally managed to pick a place we both fancied and thought, "let's do it." Lol I wish it were that easy, basically I dragged my hungover boyfriend's arse to Thomsons and told him we weren't leaving until a holiday was booked. About an hour later, after weighing up around 5 days in Dubai or 11 nights in Tenerife, we picked Tenerife, more for our money and all that.

We stayed at the Sensimar Arona Gran Hotel & Spa in Los Cristianos, known as the 'quiet side' to Tenerife but filled with incredible scenery plus home to the black sand beaches. The hotel itself was absolutely beautiful having just gone under refurbishment plus there weren't any kids which was the added bonus and the real thing that sold it to us.


Upon arrival we were greeted with champagne (which I don't like but massive props to the guys!) plus in the room we even had our own little bottle of red, which again I was down to the shops for a nice cold bottle of strawberry and lime Kopperberg, you can take the lass out of Hull but you ain't taking the Hull out of the lass, as they say up here.. The room itself was incredible, everything just seemed so right and serious bed goals, it was literally the best bed I'd ever slept in!

Seeing as we were staying half-board we ate at the hotel often, the food was really good too, but if you dislike fish (like me) you're kinda buggered, but they do know how to cook a good steak, chips and chocolate cake, so y'know my diet went out the window in the early days..

I'm a real keen explorer wherever I go, even if it's in my hometown so getting out was always on top of my list, second was dragging Steve to come with me.. So, keep your eyes peeled for where we ate and drank when we went out, the excursions and everything else we got up to! Ps the view from our room was beautiful, especially when the sun was setting!


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