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Wow, can you believe I haven't posted in almost four months? It's been pretty hectic to say the least but as things are relatively slowing down before I head back to uni for my fourth and final year, I thought I'd get you up to speed with what's been happening!
So you may or may not have known throughout my third year of uni I was on placement at a pretty cool design and digital agency StrawberryToo; they're unique too! Employing only graduates and apprentices (or in my case an actual student!) getting them ready for the world of design and digital. Invariably you only have a year here, then you either move up to the big sister agency Strawberry or they'll help you find another job in the industry if that's what you want. Honestly hands down one of the most amazing experiences I've ever had, working on real projects with real clients and actually getting to grips with how to industry works too. I'll be putting together a post about my time here and why a placement is sooo vital if you're at uni! 

Whilst I was on placement, seriously I had the shittest personal experiences ever. Being diagnosed with stress, anxiety and depression really turned me into an introvert, I became a very difficult person to be around so massive thanks to all my pals that had my back throughout that time, I owe ya!

On the plus side, Steve and me went on our very first holiday together to Los Cristianos in the South of Tenerife, which was aaaaaah-mazing! More on that soon, but what I can say is that it has definitely given me the urge to see more of the world and not just the touristy places either but the real hidden gems. One things for sure, I conquered my fear of being in the sea by jumping of a bloody boat into the ocean whilst clinging onto my boyfriend for dear life 'cos I thought I was gonna die. No joke. 

So yeah, keep your eyes peeled for some new posts and whilst you're at it have a nosey on my insta to see some holiday snaps! @bethanyfell. Oh and by the way, the pic is a few of my fave things I've been reaching for over the summer, plus my beaut Tiffany&co necklace but it was clearly on so I couldn't picture it! 

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