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Body Shop Tea Tree Range

Body Shop has always been one of those stores I've gone in to but never purchased anything, until I came across this tea tree range. Known to help rid blemishes and scars from blemish prone skin, I had to try; especially seen as at the time my skin hadn't been too well behaved. 

Blemish Fade Night Lotion
The creamy green texture, helps to "improve appearance of blemished damaged skin" which I was originally apprehensive about as no product I have tried in the past has managed to do such thing. But this creamy lotion lived up to it's description, within a week or two my skin had become clearer and smoother, no longer was I piling on the foundation to hide my blemishes or scars, this beauty had done that for me. 

Mainly I use this as a serum, massaging into my skin once I've fully cleansed on the night time, originally this did tingle however with a few changes to the amount I used this was soon rectified. Alongside using this I had been mixing things up a bit using my Origin GinZing and Body Shop Vitamin E Night Cream, really making a huge impact on how hydrated and clear my skin has become. 

Face Mask
The most loved out of the range, instantly cooling and lifting impurities - I could not agree more. A little goes a long way with this product, both myself and my boyfriend use this nearly every Sunday and I wouldn't say I've made much of an impact on the tub. The texture is light and creamy, the scent isn't over powerful either which can be a main problem with tea tree. 

At first I thought the mask was a clay mask due to the texture, however this isn't so and is actually such a pleasure. I can still move and talk whilst using the mask which is a main issue with clay mask. With only using this once a week, on a Sunday which is slowly becoming a 'me day' I have seen some amazing changes, my skin is definitely on the up! 100% a staple in the face mask department for me. 

Body Wash
My go to body wash once I've finished at the gym, this product lathers so so well and once again doesn't have a powerful scent which I love, but does leave a nice cool tea tree scent behind. Due to getting sweaty at the gym (TMI?) I was desperate for a body wash that would lift impurities and clean away the dirt I'd have built up over my workout. 

This is definitely a staple in my gym bag, I never go to gym without it tucked into my wash bag. I've noticed my skin is far clearer and I'm not as red either after shaving, whether that's another product or this I'm unsure but either way it's a lovely wash. A huge plus is although I only use this at gym, it does last a good two months before I have to repurchase another. 

Skin Cleansing Foaming Cleanser 
This is where it goes downhill, just as my skin was picking up slightly I decided to try this foam cleanser. I'm not even a massive fan on foam cleansers so I don't know why I picked this up but I did. The scent is really powerful, even with the smallest pump of the foam it's like you're surrounded by tea tree, which may be lovely for some but not so much for me. 

Instead of seeing the foam instantly removing my impurities like the bottle says, my skin became red, blotchy and began to break out, which even more so was painful. It's a shame as the bottle is still pretty much full with it only being used once.

Overall, I'd definitely purchase the others continuously however not so much so the foaming cleanser. 


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