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If you've been a follower/reader of my blog for some time, you'll have probably read about this on my blog back in April last year. But that was only a sample I received from my local Lush store; now I've got the real deal after mine and my Mum's little haul, truth be told it was my Mum's haul, she bought me things as usual.. 

Oatifix promises to "cleanse, soften and moisturise dry, sensitive skin" now my skin isn't as sensitive as what it used to be neither is it all that dry anymore, but this still works wonders, leaving my skin more vibrant and clear. Too much is a little oily, so I tend to only use minimal amounts and don't expect full coverage from this mask. This really does look gross when it's on, my boyfriend has a lovely photo of me on his phone with this on, and I'm waiting patiently as to when it'll be uploaded to social media. With this product having to stay in the fridge, it can be a little fiddly to apply due to it being so hard, what I sometimes do is leave it to 'melt' a little bit before applying. Oatifix definitely smells oaty yet fruity, it's nothing unbearable in a strange way it's rather relaxing. 

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The banana, vanilla and oats cool and nourish the skin, whereas and this is my favourite, the illipe butter reduces redness, now as someone who does have quite red rosy cheeks, this does help to keep the redness down in this area and especially on the end of my nose. The only negative thing I've really got to say is how when applying this product, a lot of the product does seem to fall off. Maybe it's the way I'm applying it. 



  1. I love lush! lovely blog :-) following now

    Jess x

  2. Me too! One of my favourites. Thanks chick!


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