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Maintaining bleached hair doesn't stop at shampooing (love that word) and conditioning, if you really want to maintain and nourish your bleach hair almost as if it's natural then the way I've done so is to really let my hair soak in those masks. My all time favourite, and I mean all time fave has to be Label.M Intensive Treatment, ever since my hair dresser put it on my hair I was like oooh my god, the scent is by far the most beautiful scent I've ever come across and that alone won me over before I ever had chance to see the effects. Using this for 30 minutes to an hour really does give your hair the intensive treatment it might need, the aftermath is beautiful, your hair feels like you've just had it washed at the salon and obviously within the comfort of your own home! Such a win win, this mask is a continuous repurchase, I'll tell you how good it is, if Label.M ever decide they no longer want to stock it I'd happily spend my savings on getting sooo many boxes of these. But obviously being that good that won't happen.. I hope. Next up, another mask that I've recently just purchased again Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Luscious Long, this isn't just for long hair! It's designed to help reduce breakages which we all know is common in long hair, but also just as common in bleached hair especially as over toning can encourage this. Just like all the products I've mentioned/recommended this nourishes the hair to an extent but I really only do use this for three minutes as I feel like it's weighing my hair down if I leave it for longer.



  1. I love Aussie hair products! I'm thinking of going back blonde soon so this is really helpful :)

    1. Me too! Not only is the scent beautiful but the aftermath of what it does to the hair is wonderful. That sounds lovely, and thank you xx


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