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Rusty Fox String Fairy Lights | Vintage Glass Jewellery Box | FOTO Pendant Lamp | Elephant Lamp | Metal Magazine Rack | MALM Dressing Table 

If you read my previous post about Room Decor you'll have noticed I didn't really have a colour scheme, I was still contemplating on what colours would go. Since then I've had a look for wallpaper (chosen a grey slate brick-like wallpaper) and thinking of light greys and blues. The Malm dressing table is something I've seen nearly every blogger love when it comes to interior posts, it seems to versatile, a desk yet a dressing table good for us uni students - that's my excuse anyway! The only thing that puts me off getting this, was when I saw it in Ikea for the first time on Tuesday, that was my first trip to Ikea too, is that weird? Anywaaay, the drawer was hanging loose, it seemed like it wasn't fitting properly, but maybe someone (a little terror probs) had been playing and broken it, maybe? Magazine racks seem like a cool idea, I'm forever misplacing my uni books and pushing magazines under my bed, but with this I'd have somewhere to keep them, actually might push me to take the books to uni instead of page numbers on my hand! Now to rob a bank or something.. Kidding! 



  1. that elephant lamp is too cute! I was just at IKEA yesterday and got a new desk *eep*! Love the color scheme of this post!! Thanks for sharing :)


    1. I love it! Ooh, sounds interesting. Thank you so much, hopefully I'll stick to this colour scheme! x

  2. IKEA is THE best shop :D I nearly bought that MALM dressing table but thought I'd need a bit more room than it had in the draw, as pretty as it was :( x

  3. I really is! I've only been twice but absolutely love it! Unfortunately I didn't buy it as I'm in the same boat as you, but I wish I did then stick the MALM bedside cabinet underneath it. It's such a shame :( x


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