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These past few weeks, minus the odd days of torrential rain and flash floods, we've seen the sun shining and it's been relatively warm/hot. So it got me thinking, if my acrylics hadn't snapped off my nails, then there are four shades I'd definitely be reaching for this summer and I'm not one to usually wear summer shades in summer, I'm a winter shade girl all year round!

Pretty sure everyone hyped on and on about these last year, but Rimmel London Salon Pro Kate have been a firm fave since I first bought them, Jazz Funk is that kind of dark yet light summery pink, the kind you see in the sunset and everyone gets snapping the sunset for their Instagram page (I'm not joking at least 5 of those I follow posted very similar sunsets just in Hull alone). Next Hip Hop from the same range, this was well and truly raved about, everyone in the blogsphere absolutely loved this shade and it's so easy to see why, not coral but not red, the shade is kind of in between with a pink tone effect. Dipping into the pastel shades for once, is my firm fave of the year so far Essie's Fashion Playground from their Spring collection; it's so minty and in a way fresh, slightly glittery which this sounds so cheesy reminds me of the sea, not our mucky brown seas that in some places there seems to be a lot of but a nice beach somewhere sun reflecting off it, heaven. Finally, a gift I got from purchase some toothpaste.. Let that sink in for second. Nails Inc Optic Flame from the Optic Collection, is quite bright, similar to Hip Hop yet this has more orange/red tones rather than pink, once again something I'd definitely see in the sunset or even so the sun rise!

Sorry about how graining the pictures are, literally only just realised. Think my camera is breaking :(


  1. I love pastels and brights for Summer :) great picks hun!

    Latasha xx | Today I Adore

    1. Thanks chick! Usually wear darks all year round but these have stuck out a lot for me this time round x


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