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So many hair series going round at the moment but talking to a few of you on Twitter and some seemed pretty interested, so decided I'd do my own little series on how I manage to maintain my bleached hair. Separating this into three series, shampoo, conditioner and masks. Starting today with shampoo!

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When it comes to maintaining bleached hair, it can be a pain in the arse to put it blunty. Some products just don't do justice or make the hair feel limp, but my firm favourite has to be Aussie Miracle Moist, not only does it add moisture that feels lost, but the hair becomes to soft and shiny it's unreal. From the first usage it was easy to see the change my hair was going through, from lacking moisture to slowly regaining it back whilst it smelling absolutely gorgeous. Aussie claim this is down to their Australian Macadamia Nut Oil being rich in oils to nourish the hair. Enriched with argan oil is Charles Worthington Moisture Seal, really locking in moisture within the first 2-3 washes, something that has been repetitively purchased numerous times. I've found that these two products really do help when my hair is beginning to feel that little bit limp and dull, but for knocking out those brassy tones that admittedly no-one likes (I think) it's my holy grail, Bleach London Silver Shampoo; I've raved about this in a previous post but honestly this keeps my ashy blonde hair, ashy blonde. No two ways about it, locking in the bleach/colour that I've asked for and for £5 can you really complain?



  1. I haven't tried Aussie Miracle Moist yet, but I think I definitely need to give it a go after reading this. Great post :)

    1. Thank you. For me I find it's a really good shampoo, and really does make my hair feel a lot better. I used this when I had red hair, quite frankly that was just dead hair but this made it look that little bit better x


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