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Admit it, how often do you put conditioner on to only leave it to soak for around a minute? Seriously don't, try to leave it to soak for at least three minutes and definitely keep away from the roots, I've noticed such a difference leaving my conditioner on for longer. Charles Worthington Moisture Seal is my go to conditioner a lot of the time, similar to the shampoo it really does lock in moisture and using the two together definitely works a treat for your hair. The same really goes for Aussie Miracle Moist, I've noticed if I don't use the shampoo and conditioner together I'm not getting the full effects, that may just be my hair and because I'm so used to using the two together, but once again this smells absolutely gorgeous and definitely leaves my hair feeling so refreshed, something I definitely don't feel after it's been rigorously bleached for 40 minutes or after washing out the salon products. Toning can damage the hair a considerable amount, especially when leaving it on for too long and by too long I mean a good hour or two, which hands up I'm guilty about; so after every tone Charles Worthington Strength & Repair and Bleach London's Silver Conditioner get a good mixing together, and really I do kind of treat this like a mask as I leave this to soak all over my head including the roots but only if I've done an intense toning previous, if not then it stays well away from them. The strength and repair conditioner, admittedly doesn't fix up all the problems with bleached hair but it helps to leave the hair feeling that little bit better! 


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