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It seems like an age since I had a purse, bet you're thinking "what did you carry all your cards and money in then?" Well that's the thing, I never carried loose change so all I had in my pockets or hands was my cards, or half the time my cards were in my friends purses or boyfriends wallet. I'm picky, like extremely picky so the purse had to be right and have a place for a photo, change, money and several receipts (I'm like a hoarder it's bad). Back in May when my student loan came through my friends had enough, I had to get a purse even my Dad said I needed a purse. The last one I had was a long white/cream River Island purse that lasted me through secondary school, college and half of a semester at uni until it snapped in half.

The Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Purse fit my needs, kinda. The Vivienne Westwood purse I really wanted was no longer available so this was my second most wanted; thanks to student loan and discount I only paid £85 for it, how good is that? Six card holders, a place for notes, change and receipts, and three other little slots where even more cards and vouchers go. Seriously if you're after a small purse, but good quality I'd definitely recommend taking a look at Michael Kors; it's a brand I value so much but don't have the funds to splurge on, even saying that I think the prices are reasonably acceptable for the quality! The best part, my purse now matches my watch, sad or what? Ha.


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