What is Love?

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This is a bit of a different topic because well mainly I feel like love is quite important. Recently both my parents have been visiting the doctors more often, and it has made me realise that yeah I am young, I swan off and do whatever I like pretty much whenever I want, within reason. But, my parents are getting older each day in quite a sad way it's one step closer to me losing them. My Dad is my absolute world, we may argue and have days where we won't speak to each other but he's my best friend; quite frankly he's the whole package, my Dad, my best friend, and my worst enemy, he really is the man I trust more than anyone else. The love I feel for my Dad is definitely something I probably won't feel for anyone else, because really who can take away that love a father and daughter share?

Yet, the love I feel for my Dad is completely different to what I feel for my boyfriend. To say the least I do love him, a lot, a hell of a lot. We have that stupid relationship that people may look at us and think "what the hell are them two?" If you were a fly on the wall you'd probably wonder how the hell we can love each other, we're goofy, stupid, cute, ridiculous, argumentative, geeky, you name it and we probably are it. But we connect, we have that friendship that makes the relationship work, he's my best friend all the time but sometimes when you need that best friend he can switch off from being my boyfriend and give me a friends advice rather than a boyfriends opinion. That right there for both of us I feel is true love. Especially the fact he can see me without my make up (not a big deal), in the most ridiculous pyjamas ever, messy hair, Raybans and to him I'm still "hot."

The love I feel for my best friend and my other friends is nothing compared to what I feel for my Dad and boyfriend, well maybe Helen but we always say we're going to ditch our boyfriends and run away to a hot place with her daughter Olivia, of course we're secretly deep down lesbian lovers. I'm joking, but literally we hold nothing back from each other, to give you an example of how ridiculous we are, I was running round Pets at Home going mad because of all the animals and she was having to shout of me for ages to find where I was, both of us 19 and I got a mum shouting from her for going missing in a shop. She's the truest of true best friends I could ask for, and quite frankly I love her and her daughter with all my heart, both of them mean so much to me and my family. She's definitely the sister I've never had, and being able to have a love like that with your best friend who is almost family is definitely the greatest.

I know this is slightly rambled, but for me love has such a wiiiiiiiide definition that it really cannot be defined. To me it's completely out of this world to feel the love I do for my friends, family and boyfriend but what I may feel for them and what you may feel for yours will always be different. Love is definitely something I cherish out of every emotion I've probably ever felt.


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