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With me having bleached hair through continuous use of highlights my hair lacks that original shine, it's still there but no so much as when I was naturally brown. To help enhance that shine this is where my go to product comes in; not only are the Toni&Guy products my absolute fave by scent, but they also work wonders on my hair. The Shine Gloss Serum is a non-greasy, light weight oil, only needing the smallest amount of product usually two pumps that gives my hair that shine I'm looking for. 

So, two little pumps onto the palm of my hand, rubbing slightly between my hands then apply to the mid-ends of the hair, definitely avoiding roots, seriously do not need any shine up there! To make it easier, sometimes I separate my hair into two half sections and do each section or just tip my head upside down. Either way my hair is shiny, frizz controlled and looks natural.. ish, if you can look natural with nearly white hair and brown bits. 


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