Woman and Insults

The other day when I was at the gym, I couldn't help but over hear two middle-aged women having a lovely little bitching session. Usually the bitchiness wouldn't bug me but I'd already had a run in with someone at the gym that day and was in a bit of an arsey mood to put it bluntly. The woman they was insulting is someone who I really do get along with, she's an elderly but my god she puts me to shame when we're working out; she can go a hell of a lot longer than me and use heavier weights than me. 

We all go to gym primarily for similar reasons, to lose weight, tone up or to become healthier etc. so why did these two women who weren't exactly perfect themselves feel the need to insult another on their personal appearance? Before these women and any other women for that matter insult someone, and we're all guilty of it, we should walk a mile in someone else's shoes before we declare our opinion on them, whether it be nice or nasty. We have no right to judge others based on their appearance, for all we know they could have serious confidence issues and we're pushing them further down. 

Living with my Dad I have a more male approach to life shall we say, for example I've noticed women are quick to complain and declare males as sexist or inappropriate if they say something about their appearance, however it's perfectly fine for women to bitch amongst each other about another woman. How is that fair? Women declare all sorts, but how an earth can we move forward when we take two steps back each time by belittling each other? 

We shouldn't be judging anyone, it's not fair nor is it acceptable to do so. 


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