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Nip+Fab are fast becoming one of my favourite brands. I first heard of them when picking up a magazine with their tan in, which even that is so good. As you know I started the gym in January, there's nothing like gaining a little help from toning and firming products along the way; previously I used the likes of Soap & Glory's Firminator, but the effects were soon wearing off and not living up to the standards I first had. The Upper Arm Fix works alright I guess; there's not too much difference in terms of firming however I will admit my upper arms are soft and cleared up a lot as they used to be slightly red and blotchy from having a previous allergic reaction to my medication.

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The formula is a clear gel, only slightly stick on the hands however not when fully rubbed into the arms. Absolutely love that there isn't a burning sensation like there was with the Firminator, that was sometimes just too much. Although I haven't seen too much difference, I would fully recommend the brand to anyone! 


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