Gym/Health Kick Update #1

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Heeeeeeey! So I started gym last month and if I'm honest I didn't think I'd stick it out or enjoy it, but truthfully, I love every minute of being in the gym. The feeling once my body can't take much more and I'm desperate for a shower, as gross as that sounds I actually like because I know I'm getting my body on the right track to be toned and me to be healthy.

In terms of healthy, I haven't really been too good. Eating isn't really a favourite of mine even though I can eat for the world, literally. Some days I've gorged on chocolate whereas other days I've been healthy sticking to my fruit and good food; one thing that has become a regular thing now is drinking a lot of water! It has been difficult trying to be healthy and not give into cravings but I'm really aiming for the best now. I've even made a little purchase to help along the way, the weight loss collection from Protein World, considering doing a review on this once I've really given it a go.

Also, in terms of fitness I've actually upped my regime. I'm thinking of posting my regimes every month from now on for those of you who are interested, you might not be but they're actually really good and work my muscles so well.

Warm Up: 5 minutes on the cross trainer at level 7
Arms: 10x3 reps bicep curls 3kg dumbbells, 10x3 reps tricep extension 4kg dumbbells and 10x3 8kg kettlebell lifts
Legs: 10x3 reps of squats with 3kg dumbbells, 10x3 reps of lunges with 3kg dumbbells, 10x3 reps 8kg kettlebell swings, 2 minute walk 4 minute fast walk and 15 minute run level 9
Abs: 10x3 leg raises and 3x30 second planks
Cool down: 5 minute spin level 4

Warm up: 10 minutes on the cross trainer at level 8, 10 minutes on the cross trainer at level 9
Arms: 30x3 reps bicep curl 4kg dumbbells, 30x3 rep tricep extension 4kg dumbbells, 20x3 8kg kettlebell lifts
Legs: 30x3 reps squat with 4kg dumbbells, 30x3 reps of lunges with 4kg dumbbells, 20x3 8kg kettlebell swings, 30x3 reps squat with 8kg kettlebell, 20 minute spinning on level 9 at random
Abs: 20x3 leg raises, 2x30 second planks and 1x1 minute plank
Cool down: never do it.. I know it's bad..


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