Revlon Nail Enamel | Vixen Review

Vixen Vixen Vixen Vixen

Revlon have always been a brand that I've loved, especially when it comes to nail polishes. They never fail to disappoint even if they do chip excessive amounts. This winter I haven't really been wearing any polish, but I was on a little downer so decided it was best to treat myself to a few new polishes. Vixen being my fav from them all. I actually bought my brothers girlfriend this Christmas and loved it soooo much.

Vixen is a deep burgundy white an extreme shine to it; with two coats this is fully opaque. Adding a top coat the polish is supposed to shine for 10 days without chipping, but as usual this is always the case. I painted my nails on Friday and by Saturday they were all chipped. Now it's not like I'd done any heavy duty work, I just drove, wrote, typed and stirred some gravy in my two days of polished nails. But it's Revlon so I can't complain and will definitely keep using this over and over again.


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