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Chill Day
So yesterday I decided to have a little chilled out day, I was aching a bit from gym the other day, hadn't slept too much from worrying and in general felt really crap. To start my day off I had tea and biscuits in bed, then I got dressed in a stupid way, straight into my Jack Wills joggers, my boyfriends Jack Wills top that I always sleep in and my Jack Wills hoody, popped to shop to cash my scratch card in, came back out and won a fiver. Not a bad way to start the day I say!

Admittedly I didn't even shower before going out, gross right? But I knew I'd be jumping into a nice bubble bath when I got home, with a face mask I bought from Superdrug. For my bubbles I used Champneys Spa Indulgence Oriental Opulence Bubble Heaven, with silk proteins, ylang ylang and patchouli (yeah no idea what that is either), which smells absolutely gorgeous and really foams up leaving my bath full of bubbles! Onto the face mask, I don't usually go in Superdrug but my friend needed to go in so I got 4 for the price of 3, this one looked an absolute treat to relax with whilst reading Katie Price "Love, Lipstick and Lies." Yeah well that didn't happen, it practically burnt the minute I put on, but I've had a bit of problem skin so I thought it'll be alright oh god no. My cheeks and nose were bright red the minute I finally managed to get the mask off (it stuck to my face). Let's not use that one again..

Finally to finish up, I used my two new Soap and Glory Firminator creams, but I've decided I'm gonna' review them in a separate post. Then for all the places I don't put the firming creams my trust Soap and Glory Butter Yourself cream came in handy!


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