Andrew Barton Shiny Happy Hair Review

Andrew Barton

If you follow me on Instagram you'll have noticed I picked up two small sachets of Andrew Barton's Shiny Happy Hair conditioning hair masks. I've seen many of his products in Asda but never really given them a try considering I've never really heard anything of them; that was until a few days ago. I needed a relatively quick fix in terms of my hair, it's bleached and lacking everything; usually I'd go for my Label.M Intensive Mask but it's ran out, and for only a £1 a sachet you can't really go wrong, unless your hair falls out..

With me bleaching my hair and regularly toning I used Blondes Have More Fun? Serious Repair Mask first. It claims the silk protein, Vitamin C and Chamomile will “help to heal your blonde hair and leave it feeling restored and restructured inside and out.” My hair felt anything but that, there was a horrible scent of chemicals left behind, it was a difficult process to wash out as the product stuck to my hair like glue, then once I’d washed what I thought was all of it out, drying my hair it felt greasy. So back to square one of washing my hair and leaving the shampoo in to soak. Maybe leaving it on over night wasn’t the best of ideas, but in all honesty with every other product that says “leave in for 3 minutes” an over night job has never done any harm. Although on the up side, the texture was really nice, quite thick and creamy, really easy to use and spread around the full head. Not something I’d be purchasing again though.

I'm actually too scared to try the S.O.S Help Me.. After having such a problem with the other mask I wouldn't like to put my hair through the damage again..


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