2014 Resolutions

The word resolutions is so drab. Every year I've set resolutions and then forget what I said I'd do but this time I'm going to share them with guys! It'll be nice to look back this time next year to see if I actually stuck to them and how much progress I've come by.

Join a gym
I'm cheating a little here, I know I'm only just posting this but today a membership happened, yep. I joined a gym, one resolution complete! Now I got in a bit of trouble from my friend as she already says I'm too skinny, but the thing is last year my time was spent beating myself up over my weight. That's not happening this year, I will stay in control and hopefully increase my confidence and actually not shy away from the camera when I go to Rhodes with Vick this year!

Eat healthier 
Healthy eating and me? Yeah.. This will happen, I'm aiming to have my 5 a day, also to start taking my vitamins again. Hopefully my immune system will become a little stronger if that's possible, plus healthy food is supposed to make us sleep better and be a little less stressed. Hopefully then I'll be a lot happier than what I was last year.

Blog more and actually promote myself! 
I went through a phase I was so happy with my blog and couldn't have wished for the success of it to grow even more, I opened up to my friends about having a blog and they read it telling me I should definitely promote it more. But then I stopped blogging and lost my mojo shall we call it; this is definitely something I'd love to have back and get back into the routine of blogging and actually enjoying blogging.

Save! Save! SAVE! 
December was a horrible month, I ended up extreme money issues. Somehow I overspent when it came to presents leading me to dip into my car insurance money. But this year I'm planning on drawing £100 out of my bank each month, putting it into my money box and letting that build up. A little saving is always good.


Be happy. 


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