2013 Favourites | Skincare

Soap & Glory Butter Yourself
Soap & Glory is an absolute firm favourite, I don't even remember buying this but their butters are always so moisturising (I can't say the word moist without thinking of DapperLaughs, Facebook him!) The scent is gorgeous, as Soap & Glory call it their Fruitigo fragrance. I've never had so soft and smooth legs after using this! 

Clinique Liquid Facial Soap Mild 
After having relatively shit skin to put it bluntly this Clinique wash really was a life saver, without being covered in fragrances it definitely works wonders. Once using this I haven't had any breakouts and really did clear my skin right up! This is definitely something I'll repurchase over and over again, not messy up this facial routine I've got going on! 

Clinique Clarifying Lotion 
Obviously following from the facial soap would be the clarifying lotion. Without it the steps wouldn't be complete. My skin does feel a little tight sometimes after using the soap, but with this little beauty basically a toner my skin is kept soft and smooth, eliminating all dryness and making my skin appear healthier. The best thing is even though it's relatively a bit on the pricey side it lasts an age! My small bottle which should have lasted two weeks apparently, has lasted me six months! 

L'Oreal 3 In 1 Purifying Micellar Solution
Hype after hype after hype, my god it never stopped in the blogging world! I dipped in and bought my own, after that all make up wipes have gone in the bin and I refuse to use them again, until the other week when I stayed at my boyfriends #YACK. Definitely great for removing all make up even tough waterproof mascara! Reducing blemishes since the first time use and is such a great pre-cleanse before my Clinique steps. 


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