Clinique 3-Step Intro Kit Skin Type 2

Sometime mid September my skin turned for the worst, it was dry and constantly reacting to all sorts. The face products I'd used in the past were beginning to irritate my face more than ever, my heavy foundation for going out in would sting certain dry areas of my face. So what's a girl to do? Take a trip to the Clinique counter! I'd heard of the 3-Step plenty of times but never really liked the price, but me being the little bargain hunter I am headed over to the local House of Fraser during the "Two Day Brand Event." This and the foundation I purchased (more on that later) should have come to around £50 there abouts but I only spent just short of £30!

Due to having dry and often an oily complexion I was advised to pick up the skin type 2 kit, mainly due to the fact it's perfect for my skin. The kit promises to leave you with brighter and clearer skin within two weeks if used twice a day, ideally morning and night. It does do as it promises but my god, did I break out or what!? Right on top of freshers as well, if you read the leaflet within the box it does say that these products will bring up blemishes but tone them down as that's how the products work, but needless to say I was beginning to wonder whether I'd just jumped straight into the deep end with this. After more than two weeks, I can say my skin feels so much smoother and looks a lot clearer, in fact clearer than I ever imagined my skin to look. The products don't hold a fragrance but the clarifying lotion does smell quite chemically if too much is applied, but hey don't put as much on the cotton pad and you'll be fine! Each product last a long time, baring in mind these are only the miniature sized products and I've still got more than half of each left (I've had these over a month now and have used them every day twice a day).

Would I buy these in the bigger sizes? Definitely! I've even considered getting my best friend this little kit. There are four different skin types, so you are definitely bound to find one that is suitable for your skin!



  1. I had a kit from them (the acne prone skin I think) and hated it so much! :( It smelled terrible, too. Might give this one a go though, that was ages ago (look at me rhyming haha) x

    Živa from Nothin' Fancy. Really.

    1. If too much is applied with this, there is a slight chemical scent but the way around that is not use so much. I'd definitely recommend going to the Clinque counters and explaining what the other kit was like, they're so helpful! Haha, good rhyming! x


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