Uni Isn't for Everyone

Saturday I moved to my accommodation in Sunderland, thinking I'd be spending the next three years in the city. Oh how wrong could I have been. You see, teachers and family members will tell you that you need to go to university to get far in life, which to an extent I do agree with but what happens when it's not right for you? I chose to study Magazine Journalism, I had an idea that it'd be fun and I'd really enjoy it. Yet my career goal is to have my own business one day or go into marketing. So I think you can sort of guess that I'd made the wrong decision in terms of my course, but I also made the wrong decision in moving 80+ miles away from home when I'm extremely close to my Dad.

So, I've come home. Yep that's right. Currently I'm sat on my sofa with my Dad and I'm happy, there are no tears and no regrets. My only worry is I'll have to wait another year to get back into uni, as I've applied for Business and Marketing at Hull University. For me that's the best choice. Yes I do feel like a little bit of a failure and I know I should have at least tried the course, but I realised sooner rather than later that I was in the wrong place, studying the wrong subject. 

University isn't always for everyone, sometimes a change is good. Whether that's coming home to study or changing course, or whatever else. You're not alone. It is difficult to leave all your friends and family behind, but my advice would be to definitely think thoroughly about whether the course is right for you and whether the uni you picked is the right one for you too. There's nothing wrong with coming home, this is your life and your future you are making arrangements for. Sometimes getting a job and working your way up is the better option. 


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