Uni Haul #2

So if you've read my first uni haul you'll have seen all the toiletries and some of the clothes/pjs I've purchased for uni, well this post does feature some fashion but mainly food and cutlery. My Mum is definitely one for going mad mental when it comes to us kids moving out or going on holiday or something another, well me moving to uni was no excuse for her to die down her old habit! Even with a snapped achilles tendon she managed to spend £100+ in Aldi getting me all my cutlery. Yep that's right Aldi, they had some amazing student pieces for great prices and they're great quality too!

Can tell green's my favourite colour ha!

This lamp reminds me so much of the Pixar lamp!

Definitely getting a bit to overly excited with the green, honesty can't wait to use all these essentials. More excited to use these than I am for Freshers haha! Definitely something wrong with me ha! 


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