Trainer Wishlist

I think I'm having a mid-life shoe crisis, I can't seem to stop myself from looking or wanting to buy shoes. Trainers are possibly my go to shoe, I'm ever so tomboy when it comes to footwear I even prefer to wear my converse when I go out out, that's really saying something. Nike have always been a firm favourite brand, they're just so comfy and always in style; although I'll admit I used to absolutely hate Air Max with a passion, I thoroughly hated them and refused to walk with my friends if they wore them. Now look at me, I want a pair! 

If you notice there are only really two pairs of trainers here, as they're both the same just different colours. See I'm even a geek for wanting two of each, don't get me started on that I've got the same Adidas pair of trainers but in different colours. Both pairs will give any outfit that different feel and edge, something I love about Nike is even though the Air Max always look similar they rarely are the same in terms of style due to the different colours. But the splashes of the uv-like paint really make the Air Max's look edgy. Whereas the Satire Mid hold a more skater vibe and stick to the plain solid colour yet both are so in your face whether they're bright or dull. Definitely need to win the lottery to fund my ever growing shoe collection. 



  1. I think I'm having the same crisis! I really fancy some air max's too!

    Rose xo

    1. Haha! It's so bad. I found my dream pair but they don't do my size :( x


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