The Original Tangle Tweezer

Yes I know, I'm late to jump on the band wagon but £10.99 for a brush? Seriously? Well it needed to purchased, you see as you know I went to Sunderland and contributed to Freshers, slightly. Very minimal. Well my hair was left in this messy shameful bun for four days, with spritz's of dry shampoo to take away any oil; come the fourth night my Dad insisted that it was to come out and be washed but there was no way I was putting any ordinary brush through my hair. The Tangle Tweezer came to the rescue!

(L to R: The shameless bun, The lions mane, The tame lions mane)

As you can see the palm fitting brush managed to detangle my hair quite well, leaving me with a tame lions mane as my brother would call it. The one thing I love about the little brush is how it fits lovely in the palm of the hand, is easily held and doesn't tug on the hair at all; I'm sure everyone who owns one when they first purchased it thought it would tug on the hair, and even in this lion mane condition it glided through my hair with ease. If these were available when I was a kid I'd probably be begging my parents to buy one as this definitely would have saved all that wriggling around and me crying! Unlike 'ordinary' brushes which all usually have the same standard length bristles, this actually has two different sized bristles which help the brush to slide through the hair without tugging. Also I noticed on some brushes there's a little ball on top of the bristles, which is usually what my hair tangles on, if you have a little look at this there isn't any of those balls, meaning no tangles! 

I don't have any complaints about the brush at all, it works wonders. I just wish it weren't as expensive but I guess once you've paid for it you'll have it for a long time! 



  1. Great post I love the tangle teezer it works great on making my thick hair soft and straight x

  2. Thanks! I couldn't agree more :) x


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