Sunday Catch Up #7

Currently reading this, now I understand why everyone loves it.

1. On Tuesday Tom and me decided to have a little picnic on the beach at Hornsea. The drive there was hilarious, I'd never been on a country road before and tried taking a bend at 60mph, oh god. I've never seen him grip so tight to the seat. It was hilarious, but I tell you now it's nothing something I'd advise or plan to do in the near future!

2. It was my Mum's birthday on Wednesday so I jumped in my little car and took a drive to hers. Whilst there I picked up my pans and other cutlery for uni, sometimes it's quite nice to see my Mum out the blue.

3. Today was nearly the end of my blog and well me.. Having car mats was something I've wanted since I bought my car (Renault didn't provide any), until today my mat moved and managed to go on top of my accelerator, whilst I'm on a roundabout exccessive power isn't something I need. My car managed to get up to 50 mph on a roundabout with me in 2nd gear and my foot continuously slamming the brake. So so close to a crash, with one hand on the wheel and the other trying to release the mat. Safe to say the guy in the Land Rover behind me was so nice trying to help me to get my car to stop, (slowly pushing me up to the kerb) until I managed to free my mat and get the car in control. I have never been so scared ever. The mat, well that is no longer in my car. It never will go back in either!


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