Sunday Catch Up #6

Yes I have just changed my Twitter pic to this (sad aren't I)

1. I've taken my blonde highlights that step further, Gareth (who dyes/highlights my hair) spiced things up a little bit and added different tones of blonde to my hair. We was sticking to honeycomb highlights, however now there's a hint of ashy/icy tones to my hair. I LOVE IT.

2. This week has been jam packed of getting things for uni, although it feels like I haven't actually bought much a lot of money has been spent here and there. I'm thinking of putting together a post some time next week to show you guys what's been bought.

3. Coming to the conclusion my blog is a little drab I've been thinking of different ideas and colours that I'd like it to be, then it's finding a blogger who can also design blogs (I'm useless at HTMLs). If you know of anyone pretty pretty please could you let me know?



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