Stila "In The Light" Eyeshadow Palette

(L to R: Damsel eyeliner, Bare, Kitten, Sunset, Sandstone, Bubbly, Glided Gold, Bliss, Luster, Night Sky, Ebony)

Stila is one of those brands I wish I could afford to buy all the time but it's just not viable, so when I purchase something of theirs it's always a lovely little treat. This time I bought my first ever palette and I'm so glad it was "In The Light," the shades remind me so much of an autumn night. Bright colours do frighten me a little, whenever I see bright shades the term "drag queen" springs to mind, so neutral colours are definitely my thing.

What I love about this palette are the shimmery and matte tones, both extremely easy to wear and highly pigmented. Although a lot of shimmery based products tend to have a lot of fall out, these don't and for me that is bonus; whether I prime my eyelids or not these tend to stick around for a good eight hours, proven yesterday from having an extremely busy day. My issue with black eyeshadows are usually they're very charcoal like and extremely dusty but Ebony (the black shade) isn't like that, it's velvety and soft, easy to build up if that's your thing or just to add as a black liner. The most amazing part is these can be used both wet and dry, something I haven't tried yet and a bit sceptical of trying in case I ruin them but that is grand. The only shade I found a little displeasing was Bliss due to having to build this up for it to look similar to whats in the palette, but nevertheless with a little blending this is absolutely beautiful once on the lids.

"Bare - matte ivory shade. Kitten. Bliss - matte beige pink. Sunset - shimmery canyon pink. Sandstone - matte light coco. Bubbly - pale gold shimmer. Gilded Gold - golden brown with shimmer. Luster - dark aubergine with gold shimmer. Night Sky - blue with shimmer. Ebony - black." - Stila

With it being a palette you wouldn't really expect a full size smudge stick in there, but oh no you do get one. How you use it I have no idea as I tend to stay clear of eyeliner as I make a huuuuuuge mess and I mean huge. The swatch was ever so creamy and definitely water proof, which for the upcoming autumn and winter seasons definitely needs to be the case, especially with all the rain and snow that'll come. The nib of the stick/pencil itself is very thin therefore it's easily build-able, maybe I'll give it a shot after watching a view tutorials.

There's nothing I can fault about this palette. If you were to buy all of these separately no doubt it would cost a bomb but for £25 where can you go wrong? I'm super excited to try different styles with all of these shades and maybe I'll be saying goodbye to my ever loved Rimmel London shades.


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