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Since the beginning of June I've been having highlights every 6-8 weeks, now as we all know bleach really isn't good for the hair. It can leave hair looking a little bit limp, straw-like and well not very nice, but that's where my hair care products come in. Previously I'd wash my hair with any old shampoo and conditioner, towel dry it like crazy then blast my hairdryer at full heat and speed; my hair was very straw-like and constantly falling out in big clumps (not attractive I know) but welcoming these products into my routine and cutting out heat really did help my hair become a lot healthier!

Becoming a little blondie and all, I've frequently been using both the John Frieda Sheer Blonde and Go Blonder ranges. Both designed to keep the blonde looking natural, shiny and salon-fresh; Go Blonder obviously enhances the blonde whereas Sheer Blonde is like my products say to keep the blonde everlasting. These particular products do work wonders, my hair dresser finds it amazing how smooth my hair feels and how blonde my hair stays even though I have 8 week intervals; I'm saying it's down to these! They smell gorgeous, feel extremely light-weight and as I keep saying leave my hair feeling salon fresh. At £5.99 a pop I would say they are a little pricey, yet they're extremely long lasting. A little product goes a looooong way. Check supermarkets sometimes they offer a 3 for £10 meaning you get one for free! 

Aaah, Aussie. How amazing does this stuff smell? It's like summer, the sea and a beach all thrown into one bottle with a slight hint of a floral touch. Seriously, its beautiful. I first started using this when us Brit's were getting a lot of sun, now I know this is mainly for heat from electrical products such as straighteners, blow-dryers, curling tongs etc. but I thought if it helps to nourish the hair after electrical heat it should work for the sun. My god it does wonderful things to the hair, if I'm feeling lazy I'll leave it on for around 30 minutes to really get the product working it's magic, but sometimes just those 3 minutes work as well as those 30 minutes. My hair is left feeling soft and healthy once again, it's just one of those products that I will repurchase time and time again to ensure my hair is feeling super duper soft! I use this product alongside my Lee Stafford toning shampoo and conditioner every Sunday. 

Once I've gone through the routine of washing my hair, if I'm in the mood to blow dry my hair I use each of these products. John Frieda Frizz-Ease Heat Defeat Spray is the first product I use, once towel drying my hair slightly I spritz this throughout my hair, from the tops of my ears down to the ends of my hair, following by the Daily Miracle Treatment once again spritzing this onto my hair the same way. Before putting the Mythic Oil onto my hair, I massage both the John Frieda products in my hair following by another quick little towel dry. One small pump of the oil being finger combed through my hair and I'm ready for the heat! But, now heres the but I turn my heat setting onto cold and blow-dry my hair using extremely cold air, which does take a while but the less heat the better. Plus I've noticed my hair doesn't feel as thick and limp when I use low heat settings. If I'm not using heat then I'll skip past the heat defeat spray, tie my hair up in a top knot bun and wah-la away I go!  

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