Favourite Nail Effects Polish

Every nail polish line always includes an 'effects' range, whether it be glitter, crackle, or anything else. I'm sure we've all dived straight into them when we've sound how amazing they look in their little bottles, well I didn't used to be one for stand out nails in terms of colours or putting any form of effected top coat on the colour, for one reason and one reason only. I used to bite/pick my nails. Yep, that's right I'd bite them down so far sometimes they'd bleed then I'd let them grow only to pick them off as they didn't go with my tomboy style. Going to an all girls school (which now seems so long ago) really made me change how I took care of myself, and that was to slowly stop biting/picking my nails; now really the only time I pick them is if I'm nervous, waiting around or they're snapping. Wondering where this is going? Yeah me too.. So, my favourite polishes that give our nails the stand out effect they need, whether it's in season or not!

(l to r: Indian Ocean, Northern Lights, Boogie Nights - Models Own. Gold Lurex - L'oreal. Girly, Sparking - Revlon)
(l to r: Indian Ocean, Gold Lurex, Northen Lights, Boogie Nights, Girly, Sparkling)

My ultimate favourite has to be Models Own Indian Ocean, it's such a beautiful shade and an exact replica of the ocean itself. When put on top of a sea-like blue the nails definitely glisten, it's such a lovely top coat; gliding on like regular nail polish and lasts quite a while too. L'Oreal's Gold Lurex and Models Own Northern Lights are very similar in terms of textures, both heavily glittery yet can be painted onto the nail effortlessly. Unlike Models Own Boogie Nights and Revlon's Girly and Sparlking, these are what I'd class as heavy glitters/textured polishes, instead of these painting onto the nails smoothly the application is more or less dotted/dabbed onto the nail to ensure the full product is shown. With these last three polishes having slight shapes within them the dotted/dabbed method is best.


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