Autumn Boots Wishlist

Metal Trim Boots - Topshop, UGG Australia Classic Mini - Office, Timberland Teddy Fleece - Office, Dr. Martens 8 Eyelet Lace Up Boot - Office

Aaaah it's autumn! My favourite time of the year, crunchy leaves and different tones of oranges and burgundy. Speaking of burgundy it's fast becoming a favourite colour of mine, as you can tell haha. I've been in search for some new transitional autumn to winter style boots (ok I know the Topshop boots aren't winter official but look at them), after searching all over the web these are my finds, call me picky but I like to really like my boots and feel comfortable in them.

Topshop always have some amazing boots, some are dupes of a few pairs of Jeffery Campbell shoes I've come across which isn't too bad in my eyes! These metal trim boots are so different yet so simple, parts of me still wonder whether I genuinely like them or not, in grey I love them and the metal trim works so well, yet in the Topshop store nearby they only sell the black pair and they just don't seem to look as good. We're all well aware of UGG boots, they're ever so chav-like in some peoples eyes but they are super comfortable, and great for those days you just want to be snug yet in some ways stylish. I've had three pairs of UGG's each of them lasting me a long time through school and into college, but these are the pair I've wanted for such a long time especially with winter coming up.

You say Timbaland and the first word that pops into my head is gangster. In all the rap videos and GTA games the gangsters/rappers are wearing Timbaland's if not similar type boots. But these burgundy teddy fleece boots just scream that autumn to winter transition to me, yet ever so autumn as these would fit so nicely with the different tones in those tumbling leaves. Same goes to the Dr. Martens, I've already got a black pair but I've always wanted a burgundy pair. Ok, my black pair hardly get worn as they seem to rip my feet to shreds and cover me in blisters, but I'm sure a smaller size and some super thick socks wouldn't go with any harm!


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