Uni Wishlist

University life is up and coming as we all know, so I thought what's better than to make a few wishlists of what I'd like. We all like to window (or screen) shop every once in a while!

I've actually bought the American Football shirt at weekend!

With me going up to Sunderland to study Magazine Journalism I thought it's usually cold so why not focus on warm clothing, ok so I know the American football shirt and monochrome tee aren't 'warm' but how nice are they? Both the coat and jacket are firm favourites of mine at the moment, I really would love the swing coat, I know I already have one but these are my favourite style of coats. How coat and inexpensive is the satchel? I'm trying to find a bag that will fit my MacBook Pro and a pad of paper in, this currently seems like a treat. As for the jumper, Illustrated People really intrigue me and I'm always drawn to their designs on the Topshop site. 

I've always liked Zara but finding anything in the Zara in my hometown is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Both the black pointed flat and pointed ballerina shoe are definitely something I could do with whilst always on my feet at uni, they're simple yet elegant and chic. Both the floral and cream blouses are baggy and seem every so lightweight, once again something that's great for just throwing over the top of a pair of leggings. 

Considering I'm not really a Miss Selfridge fan, these three little picks are gorgeous! I love big baggy knitted jumpers, especially for the winter season coming up, there's nothing better than to throw on a pair of jeans and a jumper. Monochrome tee's always come in handy, it's such an easy trend to follow and can always be paired with anything from a pencil skirt to a pair of shorts. I know usually up north it's cold but come on, how cute are these flats? The little pointed gold front definitely adds something special to these, not really worth £22 as we all know the soles go pretty fast but seriously these are beautiful! 

For once a wishlist without clothes, haha! This snazzy lamp would look great on a desk, as much as I love it I've actually seen one similar to this but with a little more style in Wilkinsons for £12! Now that's a bargain. Both these fashion designers books will come in handy, not only for the progression on my blog, but I'm hoping to follow the fashion industry route through my Magazine Journalism degree. Hopefully these will be helpful and extremely interesting reads. 



  1. Nice choices I really like the Zara shoes you've included :) good luck at uni
    Meg xx
    ps you have a new follower!


  2. Thanks! Me too, they're ever so nice. Thank you so much :)


  3. I love the blouse from Zara! xxx


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