Topshop Head Over Heels Cream Blush

Blusher and me aren't really great fans, I have rosy cheeks so adding blusher really does make me look like a clown sometimes. But I couldn't not purchase this cream blush from Topshop, this is only the second cream blush I own. In all fairness I had no idea how to use it, 18, love make up and no idea how to apply the damn thing! Ha, definitely need to find out how to apply make correctly before uni! Back to the product before I ramble, as usual.. 

Firstly the packaging, how cute is it!? I luuuurve it. It's so minimalistic yet so chic, the little mirror in the compact casing is such a treat too and definitely comes in handy when there isn't a mirror around. It's quite sturdy too, I know it's a cream blush and very unlikely it'd break but with the amount of crap that I have in my bag I'm surprised I haven't smashed the mirror into the blush! Yes I am that clumsy and as sturdy as this little beauty is I could probably do it. Head Over Heels is a coral shade, one of my very many favourites. Yet once blended into the skin you can see it's not an 'in your face' coral shade, more like a nice natural toned coral, which for tanned yet pale skinned like myself is quite the right shade. 

The texture itself is very much like any other cream blush, baring in mind I only have two (this one and Bourjois 03) both have comparable textures, blending nicely into the apples of the cheeks and highly pigmented. I can see this lasting a long time, so for the price (£6 I'm not sure!) you definitely get your moneys worth. 

Excuse the usage marks

I did try to take a photo of this product blended in but because of how tanned my hand is I just couldn't get a decent picture, I'll admit I did try to blend the product onto my arm which worked like a treat but me being me I couldn't photograph it as I'd blended in such an awkward position! I'll definitely upload a photo of this product blended whether it be on here or on Instagram! 


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