Sunday Catch Up #4

Far too drunk to remember taking this in my friends bedroom.

1. This week has been an awesome week, on Monday I passed my driving! I cannot wait to finally be driving and have my own little run about.

2. With results day being on Thursday I was dreading waking up, checking track and seeing I wasn't accepted into uni. But I guess hard work pays off! Being accepted into both Sunderland and Salford University was a dream come true. Come 14 September, I'll be saying goodbye to my good old house in Hull and living with a bunch of other students in Sunderland!

3. It was my friends birthday night out on Thursday. The barbecue was absolutely gorgeous! As was the punch, Jacques and many shots of Peach Schnapps. Didn't end too well, with me having a drink thrown over me at the beginning of the night whilst in Welly! Later ending in me throwing a drink on someone else and me throwing up all over my new converse. Oh yeah, I went out in converse and a little white dress!

Lesson learnt: Not to mix drinks or wear white to Welly..


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