Sunday Catch Up #2

Average night at Welly

1. This past week I have been so ill it's been a complete nightmare, last Friday I had donner meat and chips from a take away I've been going to since I was about 4/5, but oh no it decided to make me ill. I lost my voice, my throat was ridiculously sore and I was too afraid to kiss my boyfriend in case I gave him the illness. How thoughtful am I? Wasn't put off going to Welly on Thursday though, even if I did sound like a dying seal..

2. Season 1 of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills came to an end. That didn't impress me at all, my boyfriend and me have our morning cuddles (yes that's what we call cuddles in the morning) to that show and Millionaire Matchmaker, if you've got the chance you've definitely got to watch Million Matchmaker, god Patty is such a bitch but she is definitely great at her job!

3. I've done the one thing every TOWIE lover will want to happen, and that's turn my boyfriend into a slight TOWIE lover too..


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  1. YES BETH!! SUCH SKILLS IN TURNING PEOPLE TO TOWIE! hehehe I'm so proud :') xxx


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