Money Saving Techniques by a Shopaholic!

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This is a completely different topic to what I'd usually talk about, but recently I've noticed my bank statements are becoming thicker and I'm becoming a lot poorer. Now, I don't mean to brag in this post that's not my intention, my main aim is to try to share my saving techniques with you guys and let you know how I'm doing in terms of saving. To start off I never used to have a lot of money, I mean what 18 year old does? To cut a long story short, my Mum met her late husband Martin when I was 8 and moved out to York (she used to live in Hull - my hometown) so she could live with him, buy a house and basically settle down with him. He worked at Nestle (yes that big chocolate company!) and earned a shed load of money due to his position in his job, his Dad previously worked there too. Martin after a few months of him and my Mum marrying (they'd been together a while before marrying of course) was diagnosed with cancer, I was only young at the time so I'm not too sure what type it was. Martin as kind hearted as he is left his money to myself, my two brothers, his daughter and my Mum, which for me was put into a savings account I couldn't touch until I was 18. Later his Dad died leaving the money to my Mum, and she gave myself and my two brothers £5000 each, once Martin's Mum died she left the money to an animal rescue charity (she was such a kind hearted woman).

Now, onto the shopaholic part. I've always loved shopping whether it be going to the local sweet shop and buying loads of 1p sweets when I was younger, or spending my parents money on anything and everything. Well once I had access to the money my stepdad had left me, boy did I spend up far too much. At first I bought myself a MacBook Pro, then another new phone after I lost mine, several nights out at £40 and new outfits for every time I went out and more recently a little surprise (I'll share with you later). I've come to realise now is the time to follow my money saving techniques and get saving again!

1. Think to yourself do you really need to make that purchase, or could you make do with what you've got.
2. If you've got a points card (i.e. Boots Advantage Card) spend some of the points instead of your money.
3. Instead of buying an album for one song, why not use a YouTube converter?
4. Give yourself a budget each month as to what you can spend
5. Ask your bank to put a cap on your spending i.e. to help with your budget
6. Sell any items that you no longer wear or use on eBay and save this money up in your PayPal account!
7. Any extra change put it in a pot and leave it (I've saved over £100 with copper before!)
8. Turn down nights out for nights, usually more memorable and a lot less cheaper
9. Try to haggle prices if you can
10. Always use any vouchers, even if you feel cheap. The money is always better in your pocket than the businesses!
11. Think of the bills you pay, do you really need the full package of Sky if you don't watch all the channels?
12. Shop around for clothes, sure you might want that dress from Topshop but could you find it cheaper elsewhere?
13. Walk or cycle places
14. DIY - seriously, you could make an old dress look brand new for very little money
15. Shop around for daily essentials, sometimes your local supermarket isn't always the cheapest
16. Don't buy magazines all the time, usually you can find celeb gossip/fashion information online - FREE

That's just my short list but obviously if you search Google or any other search engine for money saving techniques you could find several different ways. Every little helps to saving money and could end up with a lovely treat at the end of it!

How do you save money? 


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