Lee Stafford Bleach Blondes

I've always been a fan of Lee Stafford, the scent always reminds me of fruit and summer. After giving my hair a little summer revamp and spending a weekend at my Mum's, she told me about this shampoo and how it helps to keep her hair blonde without those brassy tones which some blondes tend to go. Now my Mum is bleach blonde, whereas I'm more honey blonde so I was a bit sceptical about using these toning products in case my blonde highlights changed from honey to bleach. But I can say these products have helped to keep my hair looking and feeling salon fresh! 

The shampoo isn't to be left on for too long, I'm unsure why I'm not sure if it's because it can damage the hair or not. But when I'm using the shampoo I leave it on for around a minute, then leave the conditioner for a good 5 minutes or whoever long it takes me to read a story in a magazine. My hair feels slightly dry and damaged once I've used the shampoo but fear not, the conditioner replenishes the hair leaving it feel sleek, shiny and smooth. The products are used once a week and I can honestly say once they have ran out I will definitely repurchase. 


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