BlanX White Shock LED Bite

Now I'm sure by now you all have an idea of who BlanX are, if not you're crazy and need to go out now and try their toothpaste range. Each toothpaste is different but all in aids of nice pearly whites. Not to brag, but I've never really had too much of a problem in terms of the colour of my teeth, many people compliment me on how straight they now are (I had braces for a year) and how white they are. I've always used whitening toothpaste, but since I heard of BlanX White Shock that's all I've used, you can read all my reviews on BlanX here

Inside the packaging is the White Shock toothpaste, BlanXometer and the LED bite. The toothpaste is slightly more intensive than than White Shock toothpaste issued with the Microlight LED applicator. But the White Shock toothpaste can be used with the LED light itself, added bonus in my eyes! How the LED bite works is you but the clear plastic into your mouth like a gum shield, it looks uncomfortable doesn't it? Well in fact it's actually really comfortable and doesn't hurt like I originally thought it would. Currently I'm using this every day up to a minute in the morning and on the night before bed, however before bed I'm using the bite for 10 minutes every other night. 

I bought this on Tuesday and have been using it since, so within a week I've noticed my teeth have whitened more than what they did when I was using just the White Shock toothpaste and LED light alone. Being a regular tea drinker I didn't expect this to work all too well, but I can say I am thoroughly impressed with the results and would recommend this product to any body! 

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  1. That looks great! I'm just popping to Boots....

    Kate x
    Just Pirouette and Carry On...

    1. Looks great!? IT IS GREAT! I think you should too ;)



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