Mad For Blanx White Shock

If you read my blog regularly you'll realise a while back I briefly mentioned I was using BlanX White Shock Formula toothpaste - here and spoke about the results - here. Also saying I really wanted to try the LED shenanigan, well I did it and I tell you now I have never been so amused by something so simplistic yet effective. Firstly the toothpaste has the ingredient Actilux which reacts to the light, helping to whiten the teeth. That's where the LED light comes into the equation, the LED screws onto the toothpaste like a lid (it has it's own lid too, it turns off the light) and when the toothpaste is squeezed through the tube the light activates the Actilux giving the toothpaste that extra boost it needs to help whiten the teeth. 

Before, when I was using the toothpaste without the light the results where there yet they weren't as noticeable, but now I've noticed that my teeth are actually getting slightly whiter, they'll never be dazzling white as I am a complete tea hoarder! The good thing about having the LED light is if you want to you can carry it around with you, holding it to your teeth when you feel like you haven't been getting a lot of light to them, also helping to whiten the teeth. However if you're a bit shy and don't feel like doing that, I hold the light up to the left side, front and right side of my mouth for a minute each after I've brushed my teeth. One thing I can't wait for is to get my hands on the Blanx LED Bite which should be in Boots this month! 


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