Big Money Spender

I did it again, I bought too much even though I said I wouldn't. Since these photos were taking, I've bought even more (oh dear, my bank balance is bad).. But to say I am pleased, and cannot wait to delve into reviewing my products and showing off my clothes and wedges at some point! 

I'd been eyeing these beautiful blue wedges up in the Dorothy Perkins sale for some time now, but never really got round to buying them until the other week. Personally, I'm not sure what I'll wear them with or where I shall wear them, but they definitely are just too beautiful to not purchase. I reckon my boyfriend is finally happy that I've bought them, after having to come into the store with me all the time just so I could have a look at them.. 

After getting blonde highlights beginning of June or maybe mid June, I went all out and bought even more blonde products to keep the blonde in tip top condition. I'll be writing a review shortly on both of these products as I've now got the top half of my hair blonde and the underneath is still brown, I'm slowly going blonde! 

Sounds so stupid, but I bought this on a whim and thought it'd look amazing. Ripped the tags off and binned the receipt only to my disappoint I feel really fat in it. It's absolutely gorgeous and one day will be worn! The playsuit below is lovely to look at and wear, the lace detailed back really gives the playsuit that dressed up feeling. I wore this the other weekend to celebrate my friends birthday and I can say, although it's mainly black and the weather is quite horridly humid at the moment I did not at all feel sticky in this dress. 


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