Rimmel London Salon Pro: Kate

Kate Moss has done it again, not only is she the familiar face of Rimmel London, but she has an amazing beauty range with Rimmel London. The Matte and Lasting Finish lipsticks are gorgeous, the shades and finishes are definitely worth every penny; so to follow suit from purchasing a few lip products it's time I got some polishes from the nail polish range. I've never really been able to say this about any nail polish, but these last for quite a while, they claim to last for 10 days but I'd say around 6. Maybe this is because I do the washing up and obviously cutlery will easily chip my nails yet still 6 days is pretty good. They gel like finish even keeps them looking shiny and bright from the first application. For £4.49 I don't think you can go wrong and there's such a huge selection, out of 11 I have 5, clearly taking advantage of the 3 for 2 offer. 

Hip Hop looks red, but in fact it's actually more of a coral based shade with a hint of red. Opaque in two coats. 

Britpop is a firm favourite, it's a bright royal blue and royally reminds me of the Queen (ged it?). It definitely is bright and keeps its colour throughout the weeks wear; it's fully opaque with just one coat. 

A nice bright funky fruscia pink, definitely not one for those who don't like bright colours. The comparison between Jazz Funk and Hip Hop is slightly high, although this is definitely more on the boarder-line of pink. It takes two coats for this to become fully opaque. 

This is what's currently on my nails, I wouldn't say it's orange but it is with a yellowing twist to it. If that makes any sense.. It's taken two - three coats, two on some nails and three on others to be fully opaque. 

In need of a dark nail polish but don't like black, pick this! Deep navy blue and extremely close to black but when in the light there's a lovely hint of blue. Depending on how dark you want this to go, two/three coats will definitely make the shade opaque, but after that edgy not quite dark or opaque look go with the one coat. 

Is it just me, or when you think of Rimmel London you instantly think of the Union Jack? 


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