Goodbye GFC

As you've probably already heard Google are having a late spring-clean and deciding to say a huge goodbye to the Google Friend Connect on 1st July. Whether it's definitely happening or not, I'd really really appreciate/love it if you could follow me over on other blog reading platforms. Pretty please! The easiest method is of course the well-known Bloglovin, if you haven't already heard of it then do join. It's such an easy way to read all of your favourite blogs and find new ones that you'll grow to love; if you've got an iPad, iPhone or an Android phone you can even download the Bloglovin app and read on the go, cool right?

If Bloglovin isn't your thing (what's wrong with you!?) head on over to She Said Beauty, it mainly is a blogging community for all beauty bloggers but there's always the odd snippet of fashion and lifestyle within a beauty blog.

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