Face Mask Friday Round #8

Face mask Friday is upon us and I'm definitely in need of some me time. I don't know why but I seem to have taken a turn for the worse in terms of my health, only a nice relax in the bath and this Montagne Jeunesse Blemish Mud deep cleansing face mask seem the perfect treat. 

As always these face masks rarely disappoint and this one definitely didn't. Aloe vera and willow combined give such a lovely scent it's unreal, I couldn't have asked for a better fragrance to close my eyes to and just chill. Although I'll admit I did start to pull faces the minute the mask had set.. I'm such a child. The texture was super creamy and yet quite tight, it glided on the face like gel and dried relatively quick in some areas, unlike some of the other masks from this brand I didn't feel like I was smoothering the product on but gently moisturising it into my skin to really give my skin that deep cleanse it needs. 

Whilst the mask was on I could really feel it working, my skin started to tingle slightly and was slowly becoming more and more refreshed. As always I left the mask on for twenty minutes before washing it off, even when washing it off the texture turned quite like a face wash and gave my skin that extra boost of deep cleansing before it was fully off. That was definitely quite nifty, I like the simple things such a little Simpleton. My skin feels super soft and so refreshed it's unreal, although I may still feel icky at least my skin is a little bit better! 


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