Essie Nail Polish

Say Essie and everyone in the world seems to go crazy including me. I've always wanted to own a polish from Essie but for £7.99 a pop and other brands like Rimmel London and Models Own doing dupes of the shades, I thought why? Well, I gave in and a little part of me.. Ok a big part of me feels rather silly for falling for the trap.

The two colours look gorgeous in their little glass rectangular shaped bottle, but in my personal preference they look better in the packaging rather than out. They both seem so runny, even after shaking them vigorously until my arm begins to hurt - not fun at all and puts me off even wanting to pain my nails. 

Vanity Fairest is in fact extremely sheer and I'd say is more of a shimmery top coat than an actual nail polish, but I guess for a more manicure shade you can't go wrong. The only downside to this is if you love your nails opaque then you'll three to four coats of this, but then it'll peel as too much polish always leads to peeling! Yet, I will admit I do like it, just wish the shade in the bottle was actually on my nails. 

I loooove turquoise and I mean love it. The majority of my nail polishes are different shades of blues and reds, so to add to the ever growing collection I picked up Turquoise & Caicos. But to much disappoint it's not really to my fancy, I don't know why it's not but it's not. The colour is great on the nails but for it to be fully opaque it took two to three coats, yet then it looks gloopy and I just sit and pick. I painted them yesterday morning and already it's beginning to go sheer, I've never had that from any other nail polish. 

Ok, so I said I fell for the trap but I do actually like the polishes, maybe if I try a few more I could begin to like them more.. They get such raved reviews, I don't understand why they're not taking to my fancy! 



  1. ye i see what you mean about the vanity fairest one but the turquoise one is lovely, i have a thing for this shade at the minute too.


    1. Vanity Fairest is ever so light, it's quite a shame really but I'm loving Turquoise & Caicos it's such a simple yet beautiful shade. Shame they peel rather quickly x


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