Bourjois Delice de Poudre (Bronzing Powder)

Bourjois has always been one of those brands I've wanted to buy pretty much everything from because of how much positivity surrounds the beauty brand, but in all fairness I've never really fancied anything.. After using my friends bronzer on a night out and another friend using this because she's allergic chocolate (more on the chocolate later) I decided this will be my first buy from Bourjois Paris, if I'm honest I'm so glad I bought it! 

The packaging is pretty neat and tidy, I've seen one of these bronzers cracked/smashed before but the way the product is packed nothing spills out. Considering it smells like chocolate - absolutely devine even if I say so myself, the way the blonzer is portrayed to look like four blocks of chocolate with the Bourjois logo printed on, really gives it that chocolately feel. I'd say when the product is on your face it's quite similar to what's in the packaging, you can always layer it up if you like the bronzed look but personally, just gliding it gently under my cheek bones I do feel that little bit more tanned facially. The powder isn't overly powdery nor is it difficult to use, it simply glides on and looks great! I'd say it lasts for around 6 hours, 7 at a push but still that's pretty great and that's just when I have my day time face on. Ha how funny does that sound, but yes when I go out out not out, but out out I do use shed loads of make up for some bizarre reason. There's a little hint of shimmer too, but seriously don't overdo it, well do if you like to look like Edward Cullen in the sunlight. 


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