TRESemmé Ceramic Styler 230

Here's a little story for you, last Saturday my friend and I were getting ready to go to my school friends party in a little pub. As Poppy (my friend) went to curl her hair my straighteners died, completely fizzled out. At this stage we were already running late, I was asked to turn up to the party at 7/7:30, it was 8 o'clock as girls do we was gossiping whilst doing our make up. Me half done, when I say half done I do literally mean I had my eye make up on one eye, had to go to ASDA with Poppy and my Dad to purchase some new straighteners. We didn't end up going to the party, we got a little tipsy off too much alcohol and alcopops then stumbled into Welly. I managed to take out £40 coming home with £36, in a lady manner I was quite well intoxicated. How? I have my ways with people.

So, TRESemmé Ceramic Styler 230 came to the rescue. ASDA currently have these on offer for an amazing price £29.99 (RRP £50!) Such a bargain, especially as to how well they work. The Ceramic Styler heats up to 230 degrees with three different heat settings, previously when using Babylis straighteners I'd have to had them at the highest temperature - 230, but with these I slide the temperature gage to the second heat setting I'm assuming that's around 180 maybe? But my hair is seriously smooth, straight and ready to go! Maybe it's the products I'm using or maybe it's these stylers but my hair stays straight all day; I've curled some parts of my hair today so I'm seeing whether they stay in. Huge bonus though, these actually curl my freshly washed hair unlike any other electrical product I've tried in the past! 

The 1" ceramic plates definitely give that smooth element to the hair, it's super easy to glide through the hair. There's no tugging or pulling, this I have found frustrating in the past leaving me with ridiculously split ends; like I said before my hair is definitely a lot smoother when I use these, there's also a lot of shine to my hair too, definitely another bonus to this styler. Another great feature of these stylers is the length of the cord, it's definitely salon length and doesn't tangle; has anyone else had the problem of tangled cords?

Every pair of straighteners I've had in the past has never had an auto shut off, so old school I know! That's the thing I love about these, they actually have an auto shut off, if left on for more than 72 minutes they'll turn off. Added bonus for when I'm tired in the morning! I'm actually really glad I purchased these, there's no style I haven't been able to accomplish! Crimping, curling, straightening, beach waves etc. you name it they can style it! 

Do you have any electrical products you just love?



  1. I love my fat ghds! Recently got the enrapture totem styler too which I love! These look pretty decent though and an absolute bargain! :) xx

    1. I've had a bad experience with ghds so I've promised to never try them again ha! Ah no way, I've been dying to purchase the totem styler, definitely have to let me know how you get on with it - more of a reason to purchase ;) these are so good, I'm so impressed with them



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