Face Mask Friday Round #6

Ah, it's close to the end of the month and it's Friday so this means another face mask and it's close to May favourites and empties, if I have any empties that is! So as I said before in one of my other face mask Friday posts, I bought four face masks including this amazing one which is currently on my face as is a de-frizzing mask but on my hair. Another Montagne Jeunesse, this is the last one I'll be posting about as the last mask I have is the peel off mask, but I'll be searching high and low for some new masks from many different brands.

By the name I should have guessed it was a scrub, but I didn't and to my amazement it really does leave the skin so soft. This is by far one of my favourite masks and would definitely use this again. If you're looking for a quick pick me up for a cheap price then definitely consider purchase this; when applying your actually exfoliating your skin but it's ever so light it doesn't feel like it's doing much (it is, I'll get to that). The scent isn't too overpowering but the apricot can definitely be smelt, yet it's rather relaxing as I know in some cases apricot can be overpowering and actually make you feel quite sicky. 

Scent and application aside, what does it feel like on? Well, it does dry slightly like a mud mask but not fully if that makes sense.. For me I prefer this as I'm not a fan of the stick on your face type masks. A small splash of water to the face and a gentle rub, wal-ah you're exfoliating your face this time the exfoliants feel that little bit rough and feel like their doing a great job of the deeply cleansing all pores. My face feels so fresh and my skin can breathe; I didn't need use any facial wash after the Apricot Scrub - huge bonus as it feels like such a chore. Plus there's a hint of moisturiser in there (there must be, my face feels like I've moisturised it!) great for when you're not feeling like doing much moisturising! 

To finish off are some wonderful pictures of my delightful effected face ;) 

"Whatcha talkin bout Willis"


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